SFO=Soy Free Optional, GFO=Gluten Free Optional,

hot_chili=Less Hot & Spicy, hot_chilihot_chili = Hot & Spicy, hot_chilihot_chilihot_chili = Very Hot & Spicy

Nori-thin-sheets of dry,roasted sea vegetables with a nutty flavor rich in Vitamin A, Seitan-whole



A1.Golden Ball    5
After your eat it you will know what it is (SFO)

A2.Happy Dumplings    5
Steamed or seared handmade mixed vegetable dumplings

A3.Bar-B-Q Seitan    6
Sauteed with black bean sauce

A4.Alfalfa Rice Rolls    5
Jicama,cucumber,mesclun greens,carrots,basil & cashews,rolled in rice paper,served with coconut peanut sauce.(GFO/SFO)

A5.New Engliand Rolls    6
Cabbage,enoki mushroom,soy protein,snow peas wrapped & colorfully battered.

A6.Soul Nuggets    7
Crispy breaded soy protein

A7.Scallion Mango Pita    5
Homemade scallion pita bread topped

A8.House Hummus    5
Garnished with sliced carrots & cucumbers,served,served with taro chips

A9.Sierra's Orange Spice Avocado Dip    7
Served with wonton chips(SFO/GFO)

A10.Crispy Rolls    3
Fried vegetable spring rolls(SFO)

A11.King Oyster Mushroomshot_chili    8
Battered king oyster mushroom fries tossed with chopped fresh bell peppers. Seasoned with salt and pepper(SF)

A12.Soy Sheets    5
Made with pressed bean curd

A13.Five Season's Edamame    4
Seasoned soy beans in its pod(GFO)

A14.Kao Fu    6
Whole wheat protein slow-cooked in sweet brown sauce

A15.Sticky Rice Lotus Root    6
Slow-cooked in plum sugar syrup(GFO/SFO)

A16.MIso Eggplant    5
Served with miso sauce


(All salads are served with our house sesame soy vinaigrette)

S1.Avocado Salad   9

Mesclun greens,tomatoes,cucumbers,olives,walnuts & avocado

S2.Mango Spinach Salad    8
Chopped mango & spinach accented with battered onions & walnuts (SFO/GFO)

S3.Kale Salad    9
Kale,cucumber,carrots,walnut & sun-dried tomatoes(SFO/GFO)

S4.Falafel Salad    9
Mesclun greens,cucumber,tomatoes,guacamole(GFO/SFO)


N1.Cream of Broccoli    5
Pureed broccoli with fresh herbs in a light cream broth(GFO/SFO) 

N2.Cream Mushroom Soup    5
Shiitake,porcini and button mushrooms pureed with onion and roasted garlic(GFO/SFO)

N3.Pumpkin Soup    5
(Additional 2.50 for bread bowl)  Pureed pumpkin with fresh herbs(GFO/SFO)

N4.Wonton Soup    4
Hand-made seasonal vegetable wontons in vegetbale bouillon

N5.Miso Soup    4
Japanese tofu,seafweed & scallion

N6.Lentil Soup    5
Lentils,carrots,celery,tomato with a hint of thyme & bay leaves(GFO/SFO)


E1.Sesame Seitan    14
Stir-fried whole wheat seitan in sweet sesame sauce with beet garnish and steamed kale

E2.Sizzling Soy Cutlet    15
Specially marinated soy protein,king mushrooms,and fresh vegetables,served on a hot plate with teriyaki sauce

E3.Celestial Tofu    14
Delicately-battered soft bean curd with sun-dried tomato.Tender seitan & broccoli with jalapeno in a light tomato sage sauce(GFO)

E4. Mango Soy Cutlet 15
Stir-fried soy protein,shredded mango,onion,and pepper in mango sauce

E5.Thai Style Tofu Wrap    14
Tofu skin wrapped with nori, on bok choy topped with ginger and dried seaweed,served with a tamarind sauce.

E6.Beijing Seitan    14
Roasted whole wheat seitan and sauteed osyter mushrooms with Chinese broccoli and Japanese pumpkin

E7.Lily Oyster Mushroom    16
Grilled oyster mushrooms and asparagus garnished with fresh lily and jackfruit,served with mango sauce(GFO/SFO)

E8.Soy Cashew Saute    15
Braised sot cutlets.broccoli,bell peppers,zucchini,asparagus and cashews in a kung pao sauce

E9.Malaysia Roti Prata    13hot_chilihot_chili
Soy protein simmered in a coconut curry sauce,served with roti bread(GFO/SFO)

E10.Green Curry    14hot_chilihot_chilihot_chili
Soy cutlet with seasonal vegetables in a Thai style green curry sauce(GFO/SFO)

E11.Shiitanke Caps    15

Delicately crispy shiitake caps & Mashed sweet potatoes (SFO)

E12. Oyster Mushroom With Chinese Broccoli   13

Sautéed Chinese broccoli with oyster mushroom in brown sauce (SEO/GFO)

Small Plates

P1.Tahini Garden    10
Steamed full spectrum of vegetable & lotus root with kung pao & tahini sauce.Served with brown rice(GFO/SFO)

P2.Butternut Risotto    11
A butternut squash risotto garnished with almond flakes(SFO/GFO)(No Rice)

P3.Stuffed Eggplant    10
Grilled tofu cheese stuffed eggplant & slow roasted tomatoes garnished with basil,served with brown rice(GFO)

P4.Lettuce Wrap    9
Pine nut and mixed vegetables with lettuce wraps(GFO/SFO)

P5.Moo Shu Delight   11
Sautéed diced mushroom, carrots, soy protein, and cabbage. Served with four pieces of crepe ( SFO/GFO)(No Rice)

P6.Sweet & Sour Divine   10
Battered soy protein, bell peppers, pineapples, carrots and onions in homemade sweet and sour sauce. Served with brown rice. 

P7.Garlic or Ginger Sautéed Vegetable    10
Chinese broccoli, string bean,spinach,broccoli,kale or bok chop (choose one). Served with brown rice (SFO/GFO)

P8.Veggie Tofu Delight    10
Braised Tofu, zucchini and tomatoes in black bean sauce. Served with brown rice.

P9.Peaceprotein   10
Protein with broccoli and carrots in brown bean sauce. Served with brown rice.

P10.Eggplant Medley   10
Eggplant with string beans and basil in black bean sauce. Served with brown rice.

P11.Salt & Pepper Crispy Mushroom hot_chili   11
Served with brown rice (SFO)

P12.Sauteed Melange     10
Lightly sautéed mixed seasonal vegetables (SF/GF) Served with Brown Rice.

Rice & Noodles

R1.Pesto Linguine    12
Homemade spinach linguine with avocado & pine nuts(SFO)

P8.Mac N Cheese    9
Served with soy protein,onions,sauteed mushrooms & sun-dried tomatoes

P12.Pad Thai    8
Traditional flat rice noodle dish with soy protein,fresh bean sprouts,scallion,and cashew garnish(GFO/SFO)

P13.Singapore Mai Fun    8
Stir-fried vermicelli rice noodles with mixed seasonal vegetables and soy protein(GFO/SFO)

P14.Sauteed Udon    9
Udon, mixed vegetables and soy protein with teriyaki sauce

P15.Cedar Sauteed Udon    10
Udon,mixed vegetables,stir-fried in cedar shoot seasoning(SFO)

P16.Bar-B-Q Seitan w.Yakisoba Noodle    12
Stir-fried yakisoba wheat noodles with mixed seasonal Vegetables

P19.Pineapple Fried Rice    9
Soy protein or tofu with mixed vegetables, pineapple, and sunflower seeds(GFO/SFO)

P20.Cedar Fried Rice    9
Mixed vegetables stir-fried in cedar shoot seasoning.(GFO/SFO)

P21.Traditional Fried Rice    8
Soy protein or todu stir-fried with mixed vegetables(GFO/SFO)

R11 Sautéed spinach Noodle   9
With broccoli and Beijing-style seitan

R12 Curry Noodle Souphot_chili or Noodle Soup   9
Udon(SFO),Soba(SFO),Rice Noodle (SFO/GFO), or Mai Fun (SFO/GFO){choose one} With mixed vegetables in alight vegetable bouillon /curry soup

Sandwich & Burger

C1.Go Zen Burger    9
Savory homemade veggie patty with mushrooms in a whole wheat bun,served with yam & yucca fries(SFO)

C2.Go Zen Sandwich    9
Alfalfa sprouts,avocado,sou protein with a homemade sauce in a whole wheat bread,served with yam & yucca fries (SFO)

C3.Artisan Flatbread  11
With baby arugula, mixed v-cheese, portabella, crimini,shiitake, and oyster mushrooms, kalamata olives and sun-dried tomato topping

C4.Falafel With Fries  9
Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, guacamole, on whole wheat pita bread with house sauce, served with yam & yucca fries

Side Orders

Brown Rice or White Rice   2

Yam & Yucca Fries or Yam Only   4

Yucca Fries   6

Mashed Sweet Potatoes (SFO/GFO)   3

Roti Canai(SFO)hot_chilihot_chili   4

1 Pc Roti Paratha Or Crepe   1


D1.Chocolate Decadence    6

D2.Hazelnut Napoleon    6

D3.Cake(s) of The Day    6

D4. Ice Cream Of The Day   4


 SFO=Soy Free Optional,  GFO=Gluten Free Optional,

hot_chili=Less Hot & Spicy, hot_chilihot_chili = Hot & Spicy, hot_chilihot_chilihot_chili = Very Hot & Spicy

Nori-thin-sheets of dry,roasted sea vegetables with a nutty flavor rich in Vitamin A, Seitan-whole