Winter Special

SFO=Soy Free Optional, GFO=Gluten Free Optional,

hot_chili=Less Hot & Spicy, hot_chilihot_chili = Hot & Spicy, hot_chilihot_chilihot_chili = Very Hot & Spicy

Nori-thin-sheets of dry, roasted sea vegetables with a nutty flavor rich in Vitamin A, Seitan-whole


W1. Hot & Sour Soup   5

Tofu, mushroom, carrots, dried lily flowers, scallion, veg. chickens (GFO SFO)

W2. Soy Buffalo Wings (3 Pieces) 6

Served with sweet & hot sauce

W3.  Crispy Tofu (GFO) 6

served with Thai style sweet chili sauce

W4. Pan Fried Crispy Noodle (SFO) 13

Soy chicken, BBQ seitan, veg seafood, snow pear, carrots, broccoli

W5. Go Zen Ramen Noodle 12

Veg beef, tomatoes, corn, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, potatoes, scallion, served with vegetable broth

W6. Veg. Chicken With Broccoli 12

Served with brown sauce

W7. Veg. Beef With Broccoli 12

Served with brown sauce

W8. Veg. Beef With Orange Flavored hot_chilihot_chili 15

With dried chili broccoli

W9. Chucked Veg. Lamb Stew in Casserole 15

With shiitake mushroom, bean thread with veg. Oyster brown sauce

W10. house Special Buddha’s Delight 13

Tremella, shiitake mushroom, dried lily flowers, snow peas, broccoli,  asparagus, fried tofu, cauliflower, zucchini, served with brown sauce.